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It's Christmas Eve, and Lieve has completely forgotten to get gifts for all of her friends! Rather than dare face the nightmare that is shopping on Christmas Eve, Lieve instead embarks into the depths of the Krampulian Abyss in search of its treasures (which, legends say, all make great gifts!)

This is a short action game where you search out presents. But Lieve can't fight, so she has no choice but to flee the monsters she finds. Includes:

  • An underground dungeon to explore!
  • 15 gifts to collect (only ten of which you actually need to beat the game)
  • Done-at-the-last-minute art! (and the characters don't match the in-game art-style at all!)

In December of 2014, I started putting this game together (At the last minute, you might say). I hope you enjoy this short, silly adventure!

Install instructions

Simply unzip the file and run Game.exe to play ^_^


Last Minute Gift v4.zip 79 MB

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