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Long ago, a powerful witch named Xalimi made 48 Infernal Artifacts to help her corrupt the world. Xalimi was defeated, but the artifacts remain and, over the years, have gained minds of their own and still harbor the desire to see their master's dark plans fulfilled.

Remie and Alana are magical girl trainees tasked with hunting down one of these artifacts that is hiding in an abandoned mall. As they make their way, they'll discover not only their own magical powers but also their blossoming feelings for each other.

This release is a demo version that lasts for about thirty minutes to an hour. The full version is in progress and will be released in the future.

A game made for the 2016 Yuri Jam, by unity, Ocean and Kloe! Yay! :D

Special thanks to Sooz, for the character designs and indoor mall sketches, MakioKuta for the title screen, Racheal for the title screen scripting, and JosephSeraph for additional animations! ^_^

More information

Published 329 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
TagsJRPG, magical-girl, magical-girls, modern-day, RPGMaker, yuri

Install instructions

Just unzip the game and then double-click on "Game.exe" to play! ^_^


Remie and Alana Demo.zip (50 MB)

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