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I too would like to ask: Is development still ongoing? I just completed the demo, and I want more! The Yuri is sweet, and the gameplay is fun! The pixel art is charming as well, and the music fits the game. The character art... Well, there's clearly room for improvement there, but it's passable!

Would be good to hear about an estimated time to release or any see any kind of sign of this project still being alive.

Would pay money for this, if you can make it a decent-length game!


I teamed up with Ocean and Kloe to make this for a yuri game jam. I believe we're all working on our own projects; I know Ocean is busy. Without all three of us ready and willing to continue, it is unlikely that this'll get finished. I'd still really love to do a game like this in the future, so I'll see what I can come up with.

Sorry to disappoint -_-

Too bad, as it's a lovely and adorable little Yuri adventure!

Anyway, thanks for your reply!

Wish I could play this on mac :'(


good artstyle, dungeon crawling, yuri, magical girls, battles... All I needed xD

I'm definitely waiting  for more. :)

By the way, is the project still alive? 

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I just finished the demo and would like to say this RPG is fun and unique! I love the enemy designs, cute art, and gay magical girl theme (yuri + magical girl = <3). Is this game still in development? I'm really looking forward to more :) -Anna