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This ancient land has existed since the dawn of time, with the mystic deserts of Adalet to the north, the night-shrouded spires of Valdern to the south, and the buried ruins of civilizations long past in the west.

Something is stirring deep in the bowels of the underground, below even the buried remains of forgotten kingdoms. Infernal forces have begun to wake and the secrets of the depths are bubbling to the surface.

Summoned by the Princess of Adalet, Lynette, a fallen champion from Rezael, teams up with Vivica, the new prodigy from the School of the Unwavering Blade, to try to help solve the mystery of Izrand, where monsters have arisen and threaten the peace of the land. They will gather their allies, meet their soulmates, encounter romance and despair and more in the abyss below the surface.

  • A JRPG-style adventure featuring a party of at least six awesome ladies and sapphic romance!
  • Takes place in the same world as Luxaren Allure, but you can enjoy it even without playing the previous adventure.
  • A Job system by Fomar0153 with over 20 job classes unlocked over the course of the game!
  • Character art and illustrations by MakioKuta!
  • Co-written and edited by Sooz!
  • Battle animations by unity and JosephSeraph!
  • Side View CTB Battles, original graphics/tilesets/animations, all that good stuff.
  • More difficulty settings and quality of life options than my previous games!

Note: This game is still in early production. There's unfortunately no demo or download yet.


The great-granddaughter of the paladin hero Estes, Lynette has pushed herself to the limit hunting down demons and the undead in order to prove that she is still worthy of Razael's light. She's determined to fight evil wherever it lurks, at whatever cost to herself, and her increasingly strict ideals are taking a toll on her. And now, on top of it all, she has a beautiful princess to impress!

The new rising star of the School of the Unwavering Blade, Vivica has traveled from the Isles of Luxaren to find adventure and further challenge herself as a warrior. Though she's always eager for opportunities to improve herself, the challenges in Izrand may prove to be more than she's prepared to handle.

The Princess of Adalet, Esmeray has gathered a party of heroes to investigate the origins of the infernal monsters invading her country. Steadfast and dedicated, but sometimes a little bit reckless, she has transformed the once-abandoned southern fortress into a headquarters for the party.

A talented court mage from Adalet and good friend of Princess Esmeray. She specializes in wind magic. Her family boasts a long line of seers, prophets gifted with brief glimpses into the future. Thanks to years of studying with the Eldridge Lodge, she has a deep well of esoteric knowledge. Thanks to years of working with nobles, she has a pragmatic and stonefaced manner.

A mysterious fell knight, Neoma trained for years in Izrand's ancient subterranean tunnels to learn the infernal sword arts. Little is known about her or her origins, but she is famed as a skilled warrior. Can her strength in battle convince Lynette to accept an ally who wields dark powers?

A descendant of the vampiric aristocrats of Valdern, Tiphina is a talented druidess of the now-decimated Divine Forest sect. When invaders destroyed her sect's main temple and persecuted its adherents, Tiphina returned to Valdern in despair, feeling empty and without purpose. Princess Esmeray's summons has given her a new direction to strive for, and she plans to give it all she's got!

A very normal human being, Odette is curious, playful, and just wants to help out! Like any completely average human, she can learn monster skills, and takes on classes based on defeated bosses in a very mundane and unremarkable fashion. She's a human!


Game is very much in an early prototype stage so please expect possible incomplete maps and some placeholder graphics. Final game length will be around 15 hours, estimated. Game completion target is a nebulous "sometime this decade" with at least two years needed for development if not more.

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I loved the first game, can't wait for the sequel! Lynette, huh? Fair. She probably had the least screen-time which was weird, considering she's on the cover art. Lol 

Really loving Weird and Unfortunate things Are Happening by the way! Dottie's probably my favorite character in that game, and I loved the sections where you take control of Lamar and Dottie respectfully. The soundtracks amazing! The Playroom's soundtrack(the main one and Safe Town) was strange for me. It disturbed me, but I loved it? Lol

Granted, I DID get lost in the City for a solid hour, so there's that.  😅

haha, glad you're enjoying W&U! I did get a bit carried away with the City area XD Way too big

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Kind of a weird place to post this, as I frequently use rpgmaker.net, but I just finished my playthrough of Starship TsukuruNova 20003. LR-388 x RX-779 OTP! A love story for the ages. Beep-Boop indeed. A cute, funny and interesting game, WITH a dash of yuri at the end? Can never go wrong! Yay yuri! I've started my playthrough of Chase For Divinity, wish me luck! Also, I'm  bracing myself for a replay of Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening(namely the City*shudder*), as I realized way too late I could've went after Nanc-- err, Amethyst and lost the opportunity to get her headband, which did not at all belong to Nancy, the mayor's daughter, Dottie's bully, and whom was seen in a previous scene being taken to same place. Pure coincidence I say! And Sadie isn't suspicious at all! All is right in the world. Yep. Anyway I have OCD and it drove me insane that I missed that, so back in time I go. Hopefully I'm better at navigating the city by now.  😥

In the meanwhile I'll be quietly shipping Alicia x Miriam, Lamar x Kelli & Viola x Erick. 

If one is interested in romance/companionship, find yourself someone who looks at you the way Erick looks at random junk-- and Viola whose Panacea is second to none, thank you very much! Also Farudon is adorable. Lol

Sorry for the late reply!

I had almost forgotten about Starship TsukuruNova 20003! And yeah I couldn't help myself but to try to hook up the androids at the end XD 

So glad you're enjoying all of my games~! Chase for Divinity may be a bit rough because it's my earliest game (started back in my teens) so even with some of my revisions it's a bit rough but hopefully you get some enjoyment out of it XD;;;

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Eh, don't worry about it. 😉

I'm liking Chase For Divinity so far! 👍

I'm also replaying Luxaren Allure, which I honestly adored! The characters, with the exception of a certain king and Lynette(whom was a little too black and white/self righteous for my taste, but I liked her more than said king, so there's that :D), the sprites, the enemies, the assets and the custom tileset, I loved. Without a doubt one of the most unique and lovely rpgs I've played! ❤

And about quietly shipping Alicia x Miriam? Yeaaaah... about that?


Cuties! ❤❤❤

 I have no regrets! Muhahahahaha!

Edit: I've made decent progress in Chase For Divinity! I'm really liking it so far! 

And I still regret nothing!

any chance this game will have a transgirl in it with how pro LGBT your works are i dont think you have ever had a transgirl

Ah, that's a really good point! I should do that! I don't have a trans lady in the party in this game, but I promise I'll have one in a future game, for sure! :D



I'm glad we have a perfectly normal human in Odette. There's too many magical people in RPGs :D

Totally XD

Okay, looking forward to see what you do with the Allure setting now that you have a bit more experience.

Thanks :DDD


Awesome!  I have fond if admittedly faint memories of playing Luxaren Allure, the Arum games (mainly Dead Moon Night and Sunken Spire), the In Search Of games, and both versions of Remnants of Isolation.  Looking forward to seeing the result of your work together!

Thanks so much! I think it's gonna be pretty great, but it's still pretty early on :D

Is this a demo or finished game?

Sorry, production on this has only been a couple of months, it's neither so far. I will mark it to make it clearer on the page.

Thanks n no worries I was just curious. I liked your other two projects and saw this so I was just checking it out looks pretty sweet. 

Awesome, thanks! :D