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Thank you for making this game, it was really enjoyable. Finished the first run, including post game, with a Magic Number of 85, although I couldn't find the Left Triangle (not sure if it was in Mayko, the Mind Mine, or one of Uratheul's subsections, but not gonna worry too much about it). Gonna have a second run, because deciphering the languages took more effort than I was willing to put in

So glad you enjoyed it! :DDD If you're curious, the Left Triangle is behind a hidden door in the Princess zone of Uratheul.

Thank you, I feel a bit silly missing it before XD

No worries, it can be hard to tell that there are doors behind those pillars :D

It was an absolute joy to come back to the full version of this game and see the rest of the story after playing the demo more than 2 years ago... where does the time go?

My view is pretty much still the same. I adore the characters, I adore the story, I adore the battle system, I adore every single thing about this game. I poured so many hours into it, I did so much level grinding and it was worth every second. It's a game that made me laugh, made me cry and made me speechless at times.

Also, on top of the main story there are little side-stories and side-quests ticking along in the background, such as the Fortune Ticket Hunting, the search for safe codes and translating the two other worldly languages spoken by various creatures throughout the game.

I love this game, and any other fans of old-school RPGs need to add this to their collection. I'll be diving back into the whole game at some point to do some stuff I didn't do the first time for sure, and to maybe pick up on some hints I may have missed before.

Awesome job everyone, absolutely awesome!

If anyone has a spare day or two handy, you can check out my full playthrough from the demo days to the full release too, if you so wish!


Thank you so much! It's been a real delight seeing the new videos go up and seeing you play through the game, and I'm so happy you enjoyed it so much! :D 

i heard things about this game on the jimmy and the pulsating mass discord

Awesome! Jimmy is such an amazing game :DDD

Hello, I'm back asking another question lol.


I just got the secret(?) ending in Makyo, was great, had a good chuckle afterward, but I never managed to find the other triangle piece for the secret door? Found the one in that blue area where you gotta dodge the faces, and I got a key of regret from somewhere (admittedly I don't remember where lol) and I'm not sure where to take that either.

If you have the Key of Regret, that makes things easy, as it unlocks the door to get the triangle you're missing .

Go do the mine minigame in the Observer's Shrine again. When the minigame starts, take the green door (upper right).  After that, take the door to the right. Just to the left and up of where you appear next room is the next door you take (in the newest version, there are arrows pointing to the room, but they are missing in older versions XD)

There is where you'll be able to use that Key of Regret. Hope this helps :DDD

Thank you!

No problem :DDD

Hello! I'm really enjoying this game, it's a lot meatier than It lets on. I'm having trouble finding the "shriveled up and worthless" treasure in the fortune ticket mine though, just any general direction or any help at all would be appreciated! TY!

I'll guide you to the general area. There are a couple of ways to get there, but try this: 

When you start the mine mini-game, choose the grey door on the upper left. Continue north thru a door. Then take the door on the right.  Then take the door on the left. If you continue on this path, you'll get to an area with a glowing red outline. 

The heart's room is directly connected to that red area. You'll know you've found the right room if you find a chamber with grey mine floor and an item in the center in something that resembles a mine-cart.

I found it! Thank you bunches!

You're welcome :D

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I'm having a fantastic time with this game - choosing upgrades is hard which makes each one feel important, the encounter bar makes exploring a risk/reward choice rather than something to be interrupted by randomness, the prevalence of the 'effectiveness' mechanic makes every fight a challenge to really think about without being too difficult - there are more micro-choices in walking around and fighting than most 'simple' RPGs I've played, making it extremely engaging. Not to mention the story and characters are genuinely interesting - I'm liking Miriam more than Alicia so far as she's been proving herself less two-dimensional than I'd first surmised her to be more than Alicia, but I have the feeling everyone will find a way into my heart.

I downloaded this game quite a while ago and see now it'd been updated, is there a way to redownload the game and keep my current save file? I'd love to play the "full" version but I'd hate to give up my progress.

PS: is there any way to earn Dollars besides finding them in the wild? I haven't been paying enough attention to the times I've gained them and only noticed now that there's something I can't afford to buy ingame haha

I'm so glad you're enjoying the game! :DDD

You can download any new update and copy your save files over, and everything should work just fine! You will be able to continue without staring over!

The most common way to get dollars is, yeah, finding them in the wild or finding items you can sell to a collector. Technically some monsters have a chance to drop sellable items, but they generally aren't super reliable for grinding for cash. Money can be pretty sparse sometimes.

Honestly, after some thought, money being as sparse as it is makes for an even better experience. I'm able to buy at least one thing whenever I encounter a shop but never everything, and that extra choice is more interesting than the usual RPG experience of having so much money shops are just places you're able to pick up everything you need and then some. Not having healing items in shops also makes them feel important to use and saving items feels like a necessary habit to have learned - unlike other RPGs where you can just buy more potions before going into a dungeon.

I've read other comments so I understand why you aren't charging for this game but I honestly believe that without the copyright issues it really is worth paying for. If you have a Ko-Fi or Paypal or Patreon or anything I genuinely want to pay money for the experience I'm having playing this game.

Thanks! I wanted it to feel like you were scavenging for supplies to survive, so you'd really think about using healing items!

I do have a kofi, here!

Any donations are very much appreciated! :D  Maybe someday I can make an updated rerelease with all-original music and updated content to put on Steam or something, but for now I'm not sure if that'll happen

just donated :D thank you very much for your work, I'm having a lot of fun AND learning about what makes a fun RPG


Thanks so much, I really appreciate that! :DDD So glad you're enjoying the game that much!!!

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Hello how are you? I'm sure somebody already asked this but the key to the hell dungeon it's time for me to master that as I have beaten the game thoroughly enjoyed it and want more. Even a clue will be great. 

The demon who runs the fortune ticket shop in the Mind Mines has it and should offer to sell it to you if you've beaten the game and rewound time.

Thank you so much. 

No problem :D Let me know if you need anything else!

Looks like a mix of Earthbound & Mother 3.

Whew! Finished (at least the main playthrough?)!

Had a blast. Gameplay felt like a nifty riff on SMT and I loved how every character felt different (cast from health, bullets, tomes, chess pieces, plus all of their PSI gaining abilities).

Story and characters were also very engaging, the main reason I kept playing. (Although, I gotta ask, is there something more with Lydia? I was hoping to see her in a post credit scene, maybe)

Lastly, it's a crime this is a free! Please tell me you at least have a PayPal or a Kofi or something I can drop a few bucks in.

Yeah, if I have any regrets, it's not putting in more stuff with Lydia, before or after her scene. She's an important friend from Alicia's past, so if I do a sequel, maybe I'll make her show up and have a big role there? Not sure.

Wow, thanks! I finally set up a Ko-fi here, and I appreciate any donations a lot!

Hey Unity, it took me longer than expected to finish the game (I came to you originally after "stopping" The Grandmaster only to find out there was more content) and I got sidetracked a bit but I finally finished, the post game, and the "dev" zone. However, I'm curious about the bad end that awaits you at the bottom of the postgame (also how anyone beat The Champ or The Progress Engine without dropping the difficulty down or grinding to 99). I wanna say that I really enjoyed this game, though enemies had a bit too much chuft in the post-game zones, its still very enjoyable and easily a 9.5/10. I put close to 20 hours total into the game (15/5 main and post game) and enjoyed the whole thing. 

Trying to be vague here just so I don't spoil anything major for folks.




Okay, hopefully that drops this down below a "click to expand" line. So, got some lore questions about Makyo. Two really. First, what are those scenes we find throughout the game? What would have happened without the Observer's constant interference? I thought it was what would have happened without the Outer Evocations, but we don't meet up with Big E until we've been inside Vedim space. So are these just visions of how we could have died? Clearly we're alive until we get unmade at the end of the game, so its not like unlocking the seals was screwing with causality or preventing us from ever being born. So, yeah, just sorta pitching ideas against the wall here. I like them, I just wanna understand them.

Second question might have an in-game answer when I come back and do a re-run with translations turned on. However, until that point...uh, first child. I don't really recall much lore about her at all. At first I thought she was the Princess, but thats the being behind the bars in the Princess Zone. She's clearly been stuffed into hell by the Inner Evocations, but it almost seems like Hell was built around her. Any lore you could provide on her would be lovely.   

Oh, and while I'm at it, I too did not get why the other Outer Evocations are laughing at the end of the game. What did they get out of the contracts? You don't do one sided contracts, they must have gotten something from the journey, especially to be so happy at the end there. Their home is destroyed, but so are their enemies...are they free now to act upon our plane of existence because of the destruction of Vedim Space? Once again, just kinda spitballing here.

If you've not got any answers, thats cool too. Sometimes its better not to answer your fans questions or give away too many secrets. Still, I'd appreciate what thoughts you care to share, and will keep an eye out for anything you make in the future. 

I'd prefer to leave a lot of this up to the player. Would Alicia really have been unable to get into Daybreak without his help or is Alicia tenacious enough that she would have found a way?  Do the Outer Evocations have something sinister in mind for our universe or are they just glad to be freed with all their enemies dead?  What's the deal with Makyo and the hallucinations at the bottom? I feel like answering these is less interesting than letting people draw their own conclusions.

I will say that very little is said about the Firstborn in the game. They are mysterious by design, but were very very powerful and hated. The Princess aligned herself with them and was confined for that reason.

As for the hallucinations in Makyo, make of them what you will, but the whole realm has been repurposed to keep the Firstborn in and anyone else out. 

Thank you very much for playing all the way to the depths of the bonus dungeon! That's dedication! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! :D

Is there a macOS build planned for this?

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I'm sorry to say that it's unlikely as I'm not that great of a coder and have to rely on community support for a lot of that stuff. However, it looks like there's a program called Wineskin that can (hopefully?) help.

Here's a thread that talks about it. You can skip steps 1 and 2 on the thread because W&U uses all custom files and no RTP.

Hope this helps and sorry I can't be more of use here.

Thank you so much for this. This is amongst my favourite RPGs now - I love the music, writing, gameplay and art! Uterly hooked and thoroughly engaged with this. Roughly 75% ish (???) through the game, I think.

Thanks very much! :DDD I'm glad you like it! Hope you enjoy the rest!

This was a journey.

The longest rpgmaker game I've ever played with a great story, great combat tons of sidequests and secrets. I think counting multiple files and retrying fights and everything my final time was about 40ish hours. It's quite different to what I've seen you do in the past and you did it so well. I particularly like the parts where the story doesn't outright tell you something but if you're paying attention you can figure it out. Overall a great experience that took me a while to finally finish. I might come back other time to see all the translated text in the earlier parts of the game but for now I'm happy with all I was able to do in this.

Also, it goes without saying but:


Thank you so much! Yes, this game is very different from anything I've done before, and I'm super happy that you enjoyed it so much and put so much time into it! Thanks so much!!!

(Also you have good taste, AliciaxMiriam is best, if I may say so myself XD)

I just beat this game and have some thoughts to share. First off I was anticipating this games completion for about 1.5 years was it worth the wait? Yes it was definitely worth the wait and than some. Unity blew all my expectation out of the water. Weird and Unfortunate is better than I could have ever hoped it to be. I love the whole Lovecraft theme going on throughout the long journey through the transformed daybreak. The art style is just gorgeous, the music is awesome, the combat is reminiscent of Earthbound but it is its own thing no copying was done. The game feels like its own world not some copy paste rpg maker game. Overall I give this 5/5 Stars. The game gave me this surreal feeling throughout my time playing it, and the story was the best part of it. There are so many different interwoven paths between characters and events lots of subtle plot points you have to pay attention to. There are even some light but pretty well implemented puzzles. Great job on this one Unity and her team rock.  

Thank you so much! I'm so glad it was worth the wait and I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much! :DDDDDD

No thank you for making a free awesome game!

Haha, you're welcome :D

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No worries you are deserving of the praise. Video games saved my life from endless drug addiction and suffering. They are more meaningful to people than you may think. So to provide top quality fun for free well that makes you a good person, Thanks again. 

Just beat the game, and I must say, this has been one of the most rewarding RPG experiences I’ve had in a long time. I decided to write down the aspects that I particularly enjoyed!

The story – Its such a unique story with unexpected twists (some very sad twists). The story flows in a nice pace where everything moves along and I was super interested in seeing what would happen next.

The characters – I LOVE the main cast (humans and evocations). Its so refreshing to see main characters that do not follow your typical “RPG hero” tropes. I love how their personalities shine through and I love their dialogue and banter. For me, wanting to see how their stories conclude was the driving force throughout the game because I was so invested in their wellbeing that I had to know what will happen! (btw, Miriam is my favorite human and Farudon my favorite evocation!)

The battle design – The battle flow was nice and rewarding. I played on medium difficulty and it provided a good challenge, however I didn’t have to grind. Just going through the dungeons fighting normally was sufficient to keep me at a good level. In particular I liked how all skills were useful. I found myself using all my skills, support and offensive, throughout the different battles. Its great to feel like everything in my arsenal is important. This was the most evident in the final battle where I found myself using EVERYTHING I had to win, which was SO rewarding!

The enemy designs – The game is all about psychic powers and psychology. The enemies reflect that. The enemy designs and their names reflect different concepts in the human psyche. Enemy designs felt so thoughtful and meaningful. And there are so many different designs, it is so much fun to find new ones, learn their names, and try to relate the name to the design. Very creative!

The MUSIC! I love the music in this game so much! I was surprised when the credits showed that the music was from different sources. When I played, I thought everything was composed by the same person because all tracks complimented each other and the environments so well. I would find myself getting into battles just to listen to the battle themes in some of the dungeons, haha! Also I little thing I appreciated that in the same dungeon not all normal battles have the same theme. I thought that was a really nice touch.

The atmosphere! All the areas felt very immersive. I think atmosphere really shows in the creepy/horror/otherworldly areas (highlights for me are the playground, the descent, the pockets of vedim space that you get to through the invisible creature) I had to stop in many of these areas and just take in the atmosphere, it was so good!

Wooooh! That was a lot of writing. In short, I thoroughly enjoyed Weird and Unfortunate from start to finish. It is one of my favorite RPGs in a long, long time!

Final note: I thought the sound of 25 obols was therapeutic, and then I found the 50 and 100 obols! Euphoria! 

Ah, wow! Thank you so much for this, Yoraee! :DDD I'm so glad you enjoyed the game this much and liked the characters, story and atmosphere!!! And it always makes me happy when other devs I follow play something I've made!!! ^_^

And yes, the sound of all those coins raining down just *feels* amazing somehow XD

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Just a heads up: I encountered a bug while fighting Lunacy where I killed him the turn after he revived his minions and the game soft locked. Music kept playing, but I couldn't do anything and the minions remained on the screen. Did the fight again, focused down the boss and it went as expected, so I think the auto-kill script might've failed.

edit: Just beat the game. Overall it was really enjoyable, the only glitches or issues I encountered was fighting some of the optional bosses where the minions weren't being removed properly when the boss was defeated. There was one typo near the end where the word 'process' was spelled 'proces' but that's about all I found. 

 I played through the entire game on the highest difficulty and thought it was pretty balanced. Random fights struck a good balance of difficulty and I never felt overpowered or underpowered. I think the only remarks I have would be:

  • Batting Stance is not really worth it. It deals low damage and on higher difficulties it can mean Alicia dies the next turn because of how high damage can be. I think if there were passives to buff it (enhanced damage, reflect psychic, damage reduction for example) it would be much more useful. Otherwise I used Alicia as my main damage dealer thanks to the later abilities dealing high damage. Absorb/Gaze I almost never used, but Flash/Cleanse/Refresh were great utility
  • Miriam was kind of in an odd place the whole game. Once she applied her dots she didn't really have much else to do because her spells did mediocre-ish damage and ammo was frequently scarce because of how much you'd use during bosses. She starts off strong, then gets weaker, stronger and then sort of peaks with Overdrive. But against certain enemy groups she can only really apply her dots and then she doesn't really have much else to do. She also has a tendency to burn thru PSI very quickly, but I think that's OK since Dottie solves that problem. I think giving her something else she can do (like generate ammo or enhance her debuffs) in fights where Rage damage doesn't work would help.
  • No complaints about Lamar, he's great. Good skill set, always has something to do and his books give him a lot of variety. Maybe it's a bit too easy to maintain his PSI but that's more him just being super good.
  • No complaints about Dottie either. Absorb is surprisingly useful because it's easy to drain a full bar of PSI from an enemy and make them waste a turn recovering. Maybe another spell that used the Eldritch system could add some more variety but that's a fairly small thing.

I played on normal and found batting stance to be IMMENSELY useful. If its buffed, it should probably be nightmare specific, since it would end up being completely broken for lower difficulties. 

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I think tying the upgrades to obols would make perfect sense since that would mean you'd have to make some pretty big sacrifices in the early-mid game to upgrade Alicia. Adding just a tad more upgrade paths in general would go a long way, like speccing Alicia as a counter-tank and maybe something for Miriam to focus more on her basic skills.

(1 edit)

When it comes to the basic stuff, like health, atk, etc. The gear seems to be the big weight to those stats. By the end, my Alicia was incredibly tanky compared to how VoD built her for his streams. I do agree about Miriam though, she could use a bit more wallop in her basic attack. 

Thanks very much for the feedback and analysis. I think (and hope) I figured out what caused that battle to crash and that'll be in the next build update. I'll consider your suggestions, though I'm probably not going to add or rework anything too major as I'd like to start on a new project soon.

Thanks again :D

I'm curious if anyone is willing to share where they found the heart in the mines. I've sunk a couple hundred oble-obli-mind currency and I can't find it. I FEEL like I've been everywhere and I don't even know what path I might be missing to try.


I'll guide you to the general area. There are a couple of ways to get there, but try this: 

When you start the game, choose the grey door on the upper left. Continue north thru a door. Then take the door on the right.  Then take the door on the left. If you continue on this path, you'll get to an area with a glowing red outline. The heart is somewhere in that area.

Many thanks. I'll check it out asap!

Got it!

Wonderful! :D

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Hey there, I also found this from Voice of Dogs content. I’m most of the way through the game and I’ve loved every minute of it, but I was curious: is there a way to save Dotties friend from the playground? I figure it’s a scripted death, but wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing a secret there.  

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Something different can happen if you wait around enough, but either way, she unfortunately can't be saved ^^;;

Thanks for playing, I'm so glad you're enjoying the game! :D

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Yeah, I got both results, just wanted to check to see if there was a third option. Thanks for responding, if you ever make anything else I’ll be sure to give it a try!

PS: oh, I wanted to ask, is the alternative way that fight ends meant to be a reward (it gives better loot and salves your conscience) for not gunning down Dottys friend or a punishment (the alternative fight is rude) for using out of character knowledge? Just curious about the thought behind the design, that sort of thing interests me.

It's closer to the later, as it is meant to show the outcome is inescapable. It was originally missing from the game when first released, but I realized that players are often encouraged in other games to try to prevent the inevitable, and some didn't like the explanation that "the characters had no way of knowing."  

It technically "rewards" the player with the spoils of battle and alternate dialog,  and it "punishes" them as I feel like it is surprising and a bit cruel, but more than anything, I classify it more as a small secret or oddity.  It's meant to signal "Hey, I know you don't want this to happen, but it's going to happen. You cannot change this."

That makes sense, thanks for explaining that. I'll bother you once more when I finish the game, and maybe if I do a replay with the alternate language patch. Once again, thanks for making such a cool game.

so umm silly question but does anyone know where the key of regret is?

Hidden somewhere in the Mind Mines is a heart. Take that heart to an NPC in the Princess Zone and you'll get the key.


Oh dang, I thought I had gotten all the pre-Makyo stuff besides a fool's key and one of the prodigal bones.

Hi just wanted to say i beat the game today and it was 20 hours of good fun but if i had to complain about anything there are a few parts of the game i don't understand stuff like way was the one monster in the playground good but would turn mean and attack people?

And the other thing was what was so funny at the ending of the game?

But overall a blast to play :)

Commenting again to say that I finished the game. The whole experience was a blast and I'd say this was my game of the year. I think this shows you have the chops for a commercial game.


Thank you very much! :D That's great, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Hi i don't know how much more of the game i have I'm 8 hours in and made it to downtown and so far i just want to say a few things.

1.Great game I really like what i have played so far only issue i would give it is I wish some of the passive skills increased damage not just HP/PP also skills seem a little expensive but over all a great game.

2.This may sound rude but why did you not ask for money for this game? It is high grade and i feel worth some money also i see no copyright issues unless i am missing something.

Thanks very much! I didn't charge money because a big chunk of the music and sound effects are under a creative commons license where anything used in them can't be sold for money. I've considered paying someone to replace all the non-original compositions but that would probably cost a good deal more than any money I'd make off of this XD

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Oh i see will just know so far i have really loved your game and you did great work on it!

Also 5/5 stars :)

Thank you very much :D

Heya, I just wanted to pop in and say that I've really enjoyed the game so far! If you released a new version on Steam or something with original music I'd definitely pay for it. I think that's the last thing missing to really tie the whole experience together but even then it's still really polished, especially on the hardest difficulty.

I'll definitely consider doing that sometime down the line! :D Some of my music choices were less than stellar, and replacing those with an original score would be pretty great :D

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Deleted 1 year ago

DIscovered this game through Voice of Dog's streams. I'm about 10 hours in now and loving evert second of it!

But, uh, where is this "secret door" that gets mentioned in the sewers. I've been through the downtown district and didn't find another sewer entrance.

(1 edit) (+1)

If you go west by a store that says ESBY TOYS and continue west (ignore the northern path for now), you'll reach an area that seemingly dead-ends. Search around the walled-off area where four benches face a tree and you should find the entrance to the secret second sewer.

Hope that helps, and I'm so glad you're enjoying the game :DDD

Thanks much! I'm awful at finding secrets. 

You're welcome :D That one's not easy to find!

Hey! i just finished the game and i really liked it! I saw the recomendation from Kasey (I LOVED Jimmy and the pulsating mass and wanted to try something similar) on twitter and i gave it a try, i wasnt dissapointed at all! The game was a little repetitive and the story wasnt going too far until you get to the school, but i got really hooked up from there. 

I completed the game, but need some help with the other ending. I have troble trying to give "the key of regret" some use. I think i need to use it inside the mines somewhere, but i went there a couple of times and got really lost. I want to get the right triangle for the door in the underwater zone and i think it is related to this key. Can i get some help, please? Thank you for your awesome game ^^.

Thanks very much, I'm so glad you enjoyed the game :DDD Just a head's up, the first ending is canon and everything after is just for the sake of challenge.

That said, if you want to know where to use the Key of Regret, go in the Mind Mines game, take the green cave door (upper right) and take the first right. You should be able to find the locked door from there ^_^

I finished a couple days ago and really liked it. Your hint about more things being hidden in the Mind Mines let me get the second triangle and reach Neo Vinculum. Also managed to get the Champ Charm from one of the better optional challenge fights I've come across.

I'll probably play through the whole thing again in a while with Expanse translation enabled. Nicely done.

Thank you very much! :DDDDD I'm always surprised in a good way when someone manages to figure all that out, well done finding that! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! ^_^

I just completed the game, it was very fun, thanks a lot.

On my way to hell now.

Thanks so much for playing! :DDD

Best of luck in hell!

I had a ton of fun playing through this! Also, posting to say that I made it to Neo Vinclum :)

Thanks! That's incredible, I'm so happy to hear when someone made it :DDD

I have just now also unlocked the Power of Neo (after missing about one million times that there was a room behind the column).

Thanks for that great game!

Yeah that's almost an unfair hiding place! XD

Congrats, and I'm glad to you made it to the big secret area :DDD

Warning, comment will contain spoilers for those who aren't done

I finished the game! I just... I don't feel like I got the true ending. I'm kinda sad because I don't have the brain power to figure out what to do. I got a key item that I don't know how to use.


Sorry, gotta make the comment a bit large to avoid spoiling. I have a blue face and I don't know what to do with it. I also found that weird room in the ocean, the one with the purple and yellow triangles and I have no clue where to even get started on that search. 

Could I please ask for a hint with the face, at least?  

I apologize if you found the ending unfulfilling, but the first ending is in fact the canon ending.  All post-game content is mostly for people seeking more challenge. There is another ending, but...

But to answer your question, go to the Princess Zone. There are a few doors hidden behind pillars. You can use the Blue Face there. If you want another hint, there are things hidden in the Mind Mines aside from just Fortune Tickets.

Thanks for playing and sorry for any frustration! 

Thank you for answering my question, and I feel better knowing that I at least got the canon ending. Sorry if I show a sense of feeling dissatisfied, because I'm actually very happy with how a lot of things turned out. The canon ending just had some things that I noticed (and perhaps more that I didn't catch on even my second look through) and the last choice made me wonder.

Thank you for making a great game and bless you with a long and happy life!

Thank you very much! :DDDD So glad that you enjoyed it!

I guess having the first ending be the canon one is a bit strange, but I'm glad you liked it ^_^

Wow your pretty fast with the updates and big fixes.

Thanks! I try to get them patched up as quick as I can, provided I can figure out how XD

Enjoying it very much so! I think I'm in one of the last areas. I'm looking for the two mysterious cubes, but I only found one in a little girl's room, does anyone know where the other one is?

If you take the elevator to Area 5 and talk to the resident in the house at the bottom right of the screen, he should give you the other cube :D

Thanks a lot!! I've finished the game and gone through the post-game dungeon, but my only remaining mysteries are the Princess Heart and the right triangle! Can I have a hint of where to go?

Someone in the Princess Zone of Uratheul will exchange that heart for something. In the underwater area of Makyo, hidden in the northwest corner, is a door.

There are some hints! Good luck! :D

Waahhh I've been waiting for this game ever since I played the demo like 3-4 years back! I can't wait to see all the wacky characters again !

Thanks so much, I'm so glad! :D

I noticed you are looking for testers how does that work do I need any qualifications or do you just need people to test for bugs and stuff I'd be happy to help any way I can. I lost my RMN login info so I can only respond on this platform.

Thanks very much! :DDD I got some more testers over DMs and Twitter, so I'm good now, but thanks a bunch for asking!

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No problem and congratulations on almost completing the project it must have been a huge undertaking. I'll def write a thorough review on the game once I finish it but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna love it. 

Thank you! :DDD It's been almost five years in the making so yeah there's a lot there! I'm so excited to get everything done!

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I'm getting more and more excited to play the full version of this game. Can't wait to play and review the full version. From what I've experienced so far it's all positive can't wait to unlock the mystery of the creepy ass Mayor.

Huge thank you! :DDD I'm hard at work, and hope to have it finished in roughly a month or two! (crosses fingers) 

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That's awesome!! Take your time though no rush it will be worth the wait most definitely and thank you for making quality games RPGs are the best. 

Awesome job!  Enjoyed immensely.  Laura K Buzz pointed me here and I'm glad she did. 

A few notes from my play-through:

Bug:  Some of the monsters have double & triple attacks - they hit 3x with one action.  If you have batting stance active, they will trigger a counter attack.  However, if they die from the first counter attack, the second and third strikes still go off (and trigger additional counters that don't hit anyone).  Potentially, the creature could both die, and kill you in the same turn.

UI: I'd really like to be able to see the enemy info without needing to pick an attack and cycle through each enemy.  Once you reach the school, you're battling 4-5 monsters and trying to keep track of of enemy types, status buffs/ailments active, and health.  It's a lot. Are there any plans to add an enemy list to the battle screen?

Clarity: When the vines in the school die,  could they leave a more noticeable trace?  I cleared one of the plant bosses, and then couldn't find the doorway that had been blocked. 

Keep up the amazing work, I'll watch for the final version!

Thanks very much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks also for the bug reports and suggestions! Some of them are known issues: unfortunately, I'm not a programmer, so I'm working within the limits of the RPG Maker program.  That counter-attack one's been one that's been bothering me for years. I'm still searching for a solution but I'll see if I can get any scripters to help.

I can definitely make the vines leave a more definite trace when they die! That's a very good idea, I'll work on implementing that ASAP.

The enemy list would also be pretty helpful, I imagine. I'll brainstorm on that and see if I can figure out a way I can implement it.

Thanks again! 

This is a really good game, the graphics kind of reminded me of Earthbound except with a more female central cast. Keep up the good work on this game and I can't wait for the finished product when it comes out

Thanks so much! :DDD I hope to have it done sometime in early 2020 ^_^

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I found a bug. After Alicia and Marian get separated, Marian doesn't return to the party. After Lamar joins, she joins the party, but her psychic is disabled in battle. She can learn skill but she can't use them.

Oh wow, that's a serious bug, and I've never heard it before! So you went through the whole game up to Lamar with just Alicia? I'm sorry, that must have been annoying.

I'll replay that part of the game and see if I can find out what happened. Do you remember if the Inner Parasite battle happened? It's when Miriam rejoins and gets her powers unlocked.

Would you like a version of the game with something added to unlock Miriam's abilities? I can put something in the school for you.

No, it wasn't annoying, just weird. Yes, the Inner Parasite battle happened. It would be lovely, but useless, since I'm in the endgame save room. If you want, I could send you the save file. 

Thanks, but I don't think that'd help. I know what switch needs to be on for Miriam to learn skills, I'm just not sure how this happened, as I haven't been able to replicate it.

The only way I can think of is if you killed the Parasite before turn 4, when Miriam is supposed to return and help (which is also when her skill-learning unlocks) but that's supposed to be impossible, as all attacks are supposed to just do 1 damage to it.

All I can do at this point is apologize and set in countermeasures to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. I'll make sure that the start of the new content in the final build checks to make sure Miriam can learn skills as well, so you should be able to still use your save. Sorry that I don't have a better answer, but thank you very much for reporting this.

Thanks for the help.

you are very talented at making games I'm 34 and have been playing rpg's since I was in my single digits and I really like your work you have something that other creators lack being able to draw or have someone on your team that can draw is a plus having amazing 3d graphics doesn't hold a candle to a good story and fun battle system with good characters that actually grow during the game an rpg is like a journey and your supposed to grow with it that's what I've always believed and really don't care if people think I sound corny keep doing what your doing you might make the next xenogears or chrono trigger one day you are that talented.

That's high praise, as Chrono Trigger and Xenogears are two of my all time favorites! Thanks very much! I'll keep making games ^_^

your welcome thanks for the awesome gaming experience 

Plucky protagonist armed with a baseball bat? Check. Cute sidekick niece who needs saving? Check. Slightly sanctimonious demon seeking to assist plucky protagonist in her mission? Check check!

Honestly, RPGs are my favourite genre and this quirky little funfest has jumped right into my favourites amongst the indie offerings I've come across.

The characters are amazing, the battle system is easy to get to grips with and fun to play around with, the story is a rollercoaster of humour, wackiness and horror and I just love everything about it!

I'm not all the way through the 60% that's here so far, but I can't wait to finish it off and I can't wait to play more! Keep up the awesome work, this is amazing! =)

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