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Weird and unfortunate things are happening in the city of Daybreak. To the rest of the world, the city seems to have simply vanished, but inside, it has become a playground for mysterious beings who see humans only as hosts for their own amusement. 

Alicia’s a bit strange. She still likes to wear her old baseball jersey, even though her team disbanded over a year ago. She can see otherworldly creatures that no one else seems to notice. She also has weird powers that she keeps hidden from the rest of the world. But when she receives a call for help from her niece in Daybreak, she’ll do anything to save her.

Caught up in the struggle along with Alicia are Miriam, a secretary and gun aficionado who only wants to escape the city, Lamar, an overworked middle school English teacher, and Dottie, Alicia’s niece, who has been captured for some nefarious purpose.

Explore what’s left of the ravaged city and find your way through surreal otherworldly areas that connect the broken urban shell. Encounter any other citizens who have survived and make contact with the strange entities that now inhabit this realm. Survive. Or be swallowed up by the city and forgotten forever.

This game is a work in progress and is currently around 60% complete, with 8-10 hours of playable content.

Install instructions

Unzip the zip file and run the game.exe to play!


Weird and Unfortunate 60 Percent v116.zip 235 MB

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This is a really good game, the graphics kind of reminded me of Earthbound except with a more female central cast. Keep up the good work on this game and I can't wait for the finished product when it comes out

Thanks so much! :DDD I hope to have it done sometime in early 2020 ^_^

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I found a bug. After Alicia and Marian get separated, Marian doesn't return to the party. After Lamar joins, she joins the party, but her psychic is disabled in battle. She can learn skill but she can't use them.

Oh wow, that's a serious bug, and I've never heard it before! So you went through the whole game up to Lamar with just Alicia? I'm sorry, that must have been annoying.

I'll replay that part of the game and see if I can find out what happened. Do you remember if the Inner Parasite battle happened? It's when Miriam rejoins and gets her powers unlocked.

Would you like a version of the game with something added to unlock Miriam's abilities? I can put something in the school for you.

No, it wasn't annoying, just weird. Yes, the Inner Parasite battle happened. It would be lovely, but useless, since I'm in the endgame save room. If you want, I could send you the save file. 

Thanks, but I don't think that'd help. I know what switch needs to be on for Miriam to learn skills, I'm just not sure how this happened, as I haven't been able to replicate it.

The only way I can think of is if you killed the Parasite before turn 4, when Miriam is supposed to return and help (which is also when her skill-learning unlocks) but that's supposed to be impossible, as all attacks are supposed to just do 1 damage to it.

All I can do at this point is apologize and set in countermeasures to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. I'll make sure that the start of the new content in the final build checks to make sure Miriam can learn skills as well, so you should be able to still use your save. Sorry that I don't have a better answer, but thank you very much for reporting this.

Thanks for the help.

you are very talented at making games I'm 34 and have been playing rpg's since I was in my single digits and I really like your work you have something that other creators lack being able to draw or have someone on your team that can draw is a plus having amazing 3d graphics doesn't hold a candle to a good story and fun battle system with good characters that actually grow during the game an rpg is like a journey and your supposed to grow with it that's what I've always believed and really don't care if people think I sound corny keep doing what your doing you might make the next xenogears or chrono trigger one day you are that talented.

That's high praise, as Chrono Trigger and Xenogears are two of my all time favorites! Thanks very much! I'll keep making games ^_^

your welcome thanks for the awesome gaming experience 

Plucky protagonist armed with a baseball bat? Check. Cute sidekick niece who needs saving? Check. Slightly sanctimonious demon seeking to assist plucky protagonist in her mission? Check check!

Honestly, RPGs are my favourite genre and this quirky little funfest has jumped right into my favourites amongst the indie offerings I've come across.

The characters are amazing, the battle system is easy to get to grips with and fun to play around with, the story is a rollercoaster of humour, wackiness and horror and I just love everything about it!

I'm not all the way through the 60% that's here so far, but I can't wait to finish it off and I can't wait to play more! Keep up the awesome work, this is amazing! =)